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Re: F-22 Raptor

Notapor Orel el Mié Ene 27, 2021 3:54 pm

El último F-22 en recibir el programa de reparación estructural:
http://alert5.com/2021/01/27/the-last-f ... r-program/
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Re: F-22 Raptor

Notapor yasiw el Mié Mar 17, 2021 11:33 am

Raptor aterriza de morro en Eglin

¿No hubo una noticia parecida no hace mucho?Imagen

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Re: F-22 Raptor

Notapor 14yellow14 el Mié Abr 07, 2021 10:17 am

Hilo sobre las posibles actualizaciones para la flota de F-22 Raptor:

By end of FY21, the F-22A program would have invested more than $250 Million (over the last 3 yrs) on maturation, demonstration and prototyping of classified advanced technologies. F-22A appears to have supported at least 1 major classified tech/capability demonstration in FY20.

The program is also investing heavily in sensor modernization. Leveraging rapid prototyping, and existing production lines, the program plans to develop, demonstrate and field enhancements rapidly. $450+ Million would have been spent to support these efforts b/w FY19-21.

The program has also invested in developing Link-16 Transmit capability for the Raptor. Current efforts are focused on flight testing the Talon SPITBALL Link 16 antenna. F-22's will begin receiving this capability this year, with the entire fleet upgraded by 2024.

F-22A upgrades often fly under the radar relative to F35 FOM and NGAD. Development and fielding of classified/non-class. tech on the F-22A fleet is critical to future air superiority. It is a unique and finite resource and needs all the qualitative advantage we can provide.

It is also one of the early platforms slated to get the AIM-260 so logically, some efforts would be focused on integrating the weapon and upgrading systems/sub-systems to maximize the capability.

Between EPAWSS and Blk 4 AN/ASQ-239 upgrades, there are some pretty high production rate components available for an ALR-94 modernization. And then there is radar modernization as well which they've spoken of in the past.

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